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Rehoming tips

Our primary focus is on finding homes for animals in the overcrowded shelters of Brazoria County.
Gulf Coast STARS is unable to assist with rehoming. The following resources may be helpful for rehoming.

Articles & Websites

First, read these informative articles:


Your Pet

Ask family and friends first!



  • Post on your Facebook Page –  ask your friends to Share, Share, Share!!!

Newspapers (Southern Brazoria County):



  • Spay/neuter your pet before rehoming – a must!

  • Ask for a rehoming fee

  • Take good photos

  • Interview prospective adopters on the phone before setting up a home visit. Ask for veterinarian information and personal references. You have the right to say “no” to potential adopters if you don’t feel like they are a good fit. If you are satisfied with the phone interview, set up a home visit at their home. Take the pet with you, and do not go alone. Watch how they and their existing pets interact with yours.

  • If the potential adopter rents, contact the landlord to make sure they have permission to have pets and confirm they have paid any required pet deposits before transferring the pet to them.

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